Work in Progress?

Nothing I publish is perfect.

Everything I publish is a “work in progress” to some degree or another.

I once wrote about Agile Blogging. My thought was, “What if I could incrementally build up content, rather than have to sit down and write until all my thoughts were fully fleshed out and ‘perfect’? What would that look like?”

I took some cues from the Agile software development methodology, and decided that I’d value continual enhancement and gradual build-up of my content, over and above long time commitments and perfection.

I’d focus on rapid delivery of useful information, even if it’s only useful to me.

I’d make iterative improvements to what I publish, rather than waiting until it was “completely done” and “without flaw” (because when would it ever be, anyway??).

Sometimes what I pubish is rough. Really rough. Like… only an outline of the headers, or half-baked in terms of complete thoughts.

Lest you wonder “What’s up with this guy??”, I’ve got this page to give you a heads-up on what’s going on.

When I’m actively in the process of improving a particular article, you may notice the “work in progess” notice at the top. It’ll land you right here so you know, “Oh… okay… this isn’t ‘finished’ yet”.

On the flip side, just because I remove the “work in progress” notice from an article, it doesn’t mean my I think my work is perfect. It just means I’ve moved on, and am not actively working on it.

I’m always open to suggestions for improvement, and since this site is hosted on GitHub, you’re welcome to send pull requests (I’d love that)! Fix my spelling; give a better illustration; report a bug; set me straight (kindly, please 😀).

Now, back to your regularly scheduled reading. 🙌🏻

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